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EDM.com Spotlight

Annie Mac Investigates The Decline Of UK Club Culture

World class DJ Annie Mac has released a new exposé titled Who Killed The Night? on the collapse of nightlife culture in the UK, following the disappearance of half of the region's nightclubs over the last ten years. The issue was brought to prominence after the temporary closure of London's well known nightclub Fabric, and the new mini-documentary seeks to shed light on the ongoing problem.

In the 25 minute long video, Annie Mac talks with a number of interviewees about the UK's struggling club scene, including the director of Fabric, the founder of Boiler Room, as well the club goers themselves in order to get to the bottom of the epidemic affecting the UK's nighttime economy.

Throughout her quest, Mac uncovers a number of issues that have negatively impacted the club going experience. Alongside the closure of half of the UK's clubs in the last decade, the DJ found that the ones that are still open often have little to offer.

Additionally, the issue of council's pushing an agenda of gentrification is brought up, echoing a similar sentiment from Seth Troxler during his recent appearance on BBC News ahead of Fabric's reopening.

Annie Mac poses all the right questions throughout the video, making for an enlightening examination of why the UK's club scene is struggling. It's an interesting viewing for anyone involved in dance music culture, and its message applies to a number of other nightlife scenes facing similar issues.

Watch Annie Mac's Who Kill The Night? below.