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Playa Del Carmen bans electronic music festivals following BPM Festival shooting


After a horrific shooting during a BPM Festival event early Monday morning, Mayor of Playa Del Carmen has announced a ban on electronic music events. Read more about the statements made as well as evidence the violence was related to a drug cartel conflict in the full Resident Advisor article.

This article originally appeared on Resident Advisor

"We want these types of events to go," said Mayor Cristina Torres Gómez in a press conference.

Playa Del Carmen's mayor has canceled all future electronic festivals after the shooting at BPM Festival, including the upcoming Arena Festival.

A gunman opened fire at the Blue Parrot nightclub around 3 AM on Monday, January 16th, at the BPM closing party in Playa Del Carmen. Four people, including two security workers, were shot dead, and another women died in the stampede to leave the club.

In a press conference on Monday, Mayor Cristina Torres Gómez explained that these kinds of events are no longer welcome in Playa Del Carmen, and that this would be the last BPM Festival to take place there...

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