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EDM.com Spotlight

Tchami's Confession Label Drops Stunning Video For Dombresky's "Utopia"

Tchami's Confession label has reached new heights with the release of their first ever music video today. The new video serves as a visually striking accompaniment to Dombresky's single "Utopia," which was eleased through the label a few months ago.

The "Utopia" video was created by French digital collective Ronin161, and arrives as a captivating visual with stunning cinematography and eye catching imagery. The premise features several wax figures in various situations, ranging from a dinner date to a strip club.

As the music progresses, the footage gets more intense as the camera spins around melting figures, red money and blooming flowers, before coming to a conclusion on a haunting note.

The "Utopia" video is rife with symbolism and is bound to leave the viewer pondering its meaning by the time it's all said and done. From a visual standpoint it's a compelling treatment, and the surreal imagery pairs well with the music. In a quote, Dombresky revealed that the video is dedicated to his fans.

"I really want to dedicate this music video to the fans. They've been really involved in pushing this track and it's my way of saying thank you to them. Honored to be the first video on Confession label."

Check out the "Utopia" video below.