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EDM.com Spotlight

Record Label Monstercat Announces First-Ever Stage at Tomorrowland [WATCH]

Monstercat is coming out of the 2017 gate strong. The independent record label has just announced a landmark event and its most exciting one to date.

On July 21, 2017, Monstercat will host a stage at Tomorrowland, the crown jewel of dance music events and one of the largest music festivals in the world.

The imprint will be bringing a signature selection of head-turning talent in hopes of leaving a mark on one of dance music's most coveted festivals.

As Monstercat takes on Tomorrowland, we are reminded of the milestones achieved and the boundaries shattered since the launch of the imprint in 2011: 1.5 million streams per day on Spotify, 3 million singles sold, 5 million YouTube subscribers and 19 number one chart-topping albums on iTunes.

Monstercat is setting the bar high, and we can only expect big things to come from this imprint in 2017.