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Steve Bene

A Music Economy That Works For Everyone


In a guest post for Forbes, Steve Bene of the General Counsel of Pandora explores the possibility of a music economy that benefits all sides of the industry rather than some finding themselves stuck with the short end of the stick.

This article originally appeared on Forbes

Take Sam Smith’s hit single "Stay With Me" for an example of searching incomplete and inaccurate music proprietary databases. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella)

No one should be happy with a music economy that works for some, but not everyone. While the business is notoriously complex—with various layers of copyright owners, licensing and payments—the legal and economic systems that govern it don't need to be.

A prime example of music policy that does no good for anyone is the way the law treats heritage artists. For more than four decades, recordings by musical greats like John Coltrane, Aretha Franklin and Frank Sinatra have been denied federal copyright protection. Recordings made after February 15, 1972 are afforded full federal copyright protection, but those made before that arbitrary date do not receive that protection...

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