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How One Mixtape (and a Riot) Changed the Course of American Rave Culture


Wade Randolph Hampton, the DJ, producer and filmmaker recounts tales of early rave culture ahead of his forthcoming documentary Live Fast, Dream Hard.

This article originally appeared on LA Weekly

Still from the forthcoming rave documentary Live Fast, Dream Hard
photo courtesy of Silent Partner Films

“For such a widespread phenomenon as the global EDM, festival, rave … movement, whatever you want to call it, there’s shockingly few movies about it. I wanted to document another piece of the puzzle — how this social phenomenon came into existence,” says Wade Randolph Hampton, the DJ, producer and now filmmaker behind a forthcoming documentary called Live Fast, Dream Hard that chronicles the earliest days of rave culture in America, from Dallas to Los Angeles and beyond.

It's a story Hampton, also known by his DJ/producer alias WishFM, knows firsthand. As a teenager in mid-'80s Dallas, Hampton was crushed by his parents’ divorce and found solace in the city’s nightlife. The Starck Club was Dallas’ answer to the Warhol-esque club scene of the world’s major cities, but it did them all one better — because at the time, MDMA was legal in Texas. You could buy it with your credit card at the bar. And among the eclectic, MDMA-fueled hedonists, Wade Hampton found solace, a place where people could be themselves...

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