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Behind the Music: Maarten Vorwerk - EDM's Ghostproducer


We Rave You sat down with Maarten Vorwerk to discuss one of the most controversial topics in dance music - Ghost producing. Check out the exclusive interview on We Rave You, as part of a Behind the Music series.

This article originally appeared on We Rave You

Imagine sitting in a beach-adjacent studio in Aruba, making dance music hits that will prop up the careers of a multitude of brand name DJs who fist-pump their way to fame and potentially make millions while most of their fans will never even know your name. Sounds preposterous until you look deeper into the subject and realize that the reality may not be quite that simple. Riddled with controversy, there is no doubt about the fact that the topic is neither black nor white but rather a shade of gray. The topic in question? Ghost production.

Ghost production is one of the most hotly debated subjects in electronic music. To some, a dirty little secret in EDM, to others a consequence of the demanding and ever-changing music industry. An industry that increasingly puts pressure on DJ’s to consistently release quality records while still managing to relentlessly tour the world. The current landscape of electronic music is as saturated as it’s ever been, with more content being released than any other time in history. This has created a variety of consequences, the most pertinent one being: it is harder than ever before to cut through the noise and differentiate yourself as an electronic artist.

People who support ghost producing argue that the long-term value of a superstar is more important than the music they perform. Detractors argue that ghost producing destroys the spirit of music, tricking fans into believing their favorite artists are responsible for the music they release. Ghost production allows the more established artists to release a steady stream of new, relevant music, which helps them to avoid one of the most common pitfalls any musician faces historically: an eventual change in fan’s listening tastes. This makes the competition within dance music even more fierce, and the DJ’s who tend to succeed overwhelmingly in today’s saturated market are increasingly the ones who have mastered the art of marketing and keeping up with current trends.

As part of our Behind The Music feature, We Rave You had the exclusive opportunity to sit down with EDM’s most famous ghost producer Maarten Vorwerk and find out first-hand his thoughts on this highly controversial topic...

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