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Major Lazer's Historic Cuba Show Is The Subject Of A New Documentary

Major Lazer have announced that they will be debuting a new documentary this weekend at Sundance Film Festival. Last March, the dancehall trio became one of the first major musical acts from the US to perform in Cuba following the partial easement of the decades long embargo, and that historic performance is the basis for the new film GIVE ME FUTURE.

On March 6, 2016, Major Lazer put on a performance for a massive crowd of 400,000 people for what was truly a historic event. BRING ME FUTURE is directed by Austin Peters and follows the year long process of coordinating the uncharted waters of putting on a show in Cuba after years of strained international relations.

While the film will see its premiere over the weekend at Sundance, there's no word at this point when it will receive a wider release. Fans can rest assured that BRING ME FUTURE will surface at some point, however, with Major Lazer stating that they're "looking forward to sharing it with everyone."

Check out Major Lazer's full post below, as well as a clip of the historic performance itself.

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