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Fan Recreates Insane VIP Remix of Skrillex's "Purple Lamborghini"

The folks over at r/Skrillex have done it again. Some fans from the subreddit dedicated to the prolific producer have recreated a VIP remix of Skrillex's collaboration with Rick Ross on "Purple Lamborghini" from the Suicide Squad soundtrack, and the new version is definitely a must listen.

After Skrillex shared his new 2016 recap video The Same Place earlier in the week, fans took note of some unreleased material in the clip. The tracklist reveals that it's an ID belonging to Skrillex himself, and using the audio from the video, fans pieced together a massive edit of "Purple Lamborghini."

Rick Ross' aggressive rap verses from the original song are preserved, and it isn't until the drop that the ID gets worked in. While "Purple Lamborghini" featured some hard hitting bass workouts, the new VIP takes it to a new extreme with head spinning rhythms and snarling synths.

Skrillex is known for having a huge backlog of unreleased material, so it's unclear if the ID in question will surface at some point. Judging from the recreation though, it's safe to say that a high quality version of the VIP would find plenty of support from fans.

Listen to the remix below.

H/T: r/Skrillex