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‘Give Me Future’ Sundance Review: Major Lazer Rocks Havana


Movie critic Alonso Duralde reviews Give Me Future after it debuted at Sundance Film Festival this weekend. The documentary directed by Austin Peters centers around electronic powerhouse trio Major Lazer, who was the first musical act to bring their act to Havana after Obama began restoring relations between the US and Cuba.

This article originally appeared on The Wrap

Sundance 2017: A celebration of the unifying power of art and music, this is that rarest of creations — the feel-good documentary

It’s no less true for being a cliché: art has the power to bring people together. And that power is at the center of the joyous “Give Me Future,” a film about electronic-dance wizards Major Lazer bringing their act to Havana, Cuba. What results is that rarest of creations: the feel-good documentary.

In following the EDM combo — Diplo, Walshy Fire and Jillionaire — to Cuba, director Austin Peters (“Haim Forever”) goes beyond the usual concert movie beats. Major Lazer’s 2016 live performance in downtown Havana is electrifying, to be sure, but “Give Me Future” is just as interested in the logistics involved in putting on a show there, as well as in the culture and the people of the country itself...

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