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EDM.com Spotlight

SoundCloud Reveals the Top Album, Track, Genres & More From 2016

The online audio distribution platform that shook the music industry when it first arrived on the scene will be celebrating it's 10-year anniversary later this year. But before looking ahead, SoundCloud has decided to look back at the last 12 months of streaming.

The Berlin-based platform has compiled listener and user activity from the last year and boiled it down to six insights: The top album, top track, the most-followed artist, the top genres, the most-used tags and the cities that streamed the most.

From Chance's 2016album Coloring Book reigning supreme to #vaperwave coming in as one of the top 7 tags of the year, the results were deduced from the number of streams, likes, reposts and shares from you - the listeners.

SoundCloud's throwback to 2016 was complete with some words of gratitude topped with some hope and optimism as we face a new year of music.

"...these findings prove creativity is stronger than ever on SoundCloud, and will only continue to thrive in 2017... Because of you, our connected community of listeners, curators and creators, SoundCloud is constantly driving culture and creativity forward and creating new trends. In many cases, what's 'breaking' or 'new' everywhere else, is born on SoundCloud... Wishing you your most creative year yet. We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.." - SoundCloud Blog

Check out the infographic showing six insights from 2016 data and listen to the top album, track and artist below. For more on SoundCloud's year-in-review check out the new features that were rolled out last year to improve music discovery.

Cover photo via facebook.com/SoundCloud