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How To DJ A Yoga Class, Properly


DJ-curated yoga classes have become a common occurrence. But what's the best way to go about creating a playlist that will flow? DJ Tech Tools' Ean Golden explores this topic.

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DJs at yoga classes are becoming more common – but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy gig for any DJ to play. In today’s article, Ean Golden shares some insights from playing yoga sets and collaborating with instructors. Read on for four simple ways DJs can improve how they DJ yoga classes.

After nearly 20 years of DJing in clubs, festivals, and parties, I’ve been looking for new venues that are more in line with my personal life. With a focus wellness and spirituality, staying up until 6am and traveling constantly hasn’t been appealing for a while, and I’m pretty much retired from that circuit.

An unlikely place that has been working quite well for me is in the land of yoga. In a yoga class, there’s a captive, conscious audience – and much more friendly working hours. After DJing a dozen yoga classes over the past few years, I would like to share my knowledge with you.

DJTT reached out to a few active DJs who play yoga gigs as well for this article – look for tips from Flashflooder and Lola Villa as well as my own experiences.

What Is This Yoga/DJ Combo Like?

The class I play regularly is a fairly standard energetic vinyasa flow that lasts for 75 minutes. The difference is that the yoga teacher and I are interacting with each other throughout the class and improvising on the sequence of moves depending on the energy we notice in people that day.

“It’s not about keeping people dancing, being a show man, playing the new hit songs, or keeping people entertained. It’s about creating the proper mood and head space for the people and instructor in the class by finding the right vibe and tempo for the varying intensity level of the class flow” – Flashflooder

She might react to the music that’s playing and bring people up, or I might react to a seated posture and settle the mood down. I maintain a rolling sequence of songs that keep things interesting, and provide breaks (just like a dance floor) while the teacher is connecting appropriate poses for a quality physical experience. If we get synced up, the class gets the best of both worlds: a great teacher and a musical lift.


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