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Paul Oakenfold Unveils "Generations," His Look Back at 30 Years of Dance Music


Music writer Katie Bain highlights veteran dance music legend Paul Oakenfold conversation with LA Weekly about some of the most memorable moments of his career which now spans 30 years.

This article originally appeared on LA Weekly

It was 2003 when Paul Oakenfold found himself wandering the arid fringe of Inner Mongolia at dawn. The U.K.-born DJ-producer had just played a gig on the Great Wall of China and afterward, he and a friend thought it would be amusing to jump down to the other side. It took them hours to scale back to the top, but the party was still raging upon their return.

Last night at a cush penthouse in West Hollywood, Oakenfold told this story and others like it as he, in conversation with L.A. Weekly music editor Andy Hermann, recounted the highlights of his 30-year career. There was the time Oakenfold couldn't reach his box of vinyl because of high winds while playing the first-ever Coachella mainstage set by a DJ in 2001. ("it was terrifying," he says). There was his gig opening for U2 on their massive ZooTV tour, and his 2002 single “Starry Eyed Surprise,” which last night he called “an annoying song.” It was nonetheless a worldwide hit, reaching peak ubiquity in a Diet Coke commercial...

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