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10 DJs Who Will Definitely Break Through In 2017


The Electronic Beats Team predicts the ten electronic artists that are bound to pierce the veil in 2017.

This article originally appeared on Electronic Beats

These young and rising stars made big moves in 2016, and this year we think they'll tip the scales and break into the wider clubbing consciousness.

Now that the dust has settled on 2016, we’ve started to process everything that happened—or didn’t quite happen, as the case may be. As the dance music community reflected on the year’s most important releases and successful artists in year-end lists and polls, we found ourselves a little surprised at some of the names that hadn’t quite made it into the running. Many DJs who toured nearly every weekend and gigged around the world still didn’t quite break into the more “mainstream” clubbing universe—but because they set up such a solid foundation in years past, we’re sure they’ll make significant gains in 2017.


Ariana Paoletti (a.k.a. Volvox), constituent of the New York-based collective Discwoman, is destined for big things in 2017. After honing her skills as a resident at Brooklyn’s trendy Unter party, Paoletti secured tour dates throughout the United States, Mexico, Brazil and more recently, Western Europe...

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