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EDM.com Spotlight

Bubbles From Trailer Park Boys Scores Big With Viral EDM Hit [LISTEN]

The Trailer Park Boys franchise has become globally recognized for its wacky cast of characters and their hilarious misadventures. With a television series, full-length movie, and a full comedy tour, The Trailer Park Boys have achieved international fame, making the series one of the most popular comedy sitcoms currently on the market.

Now, The Trailer Park Boys' beloved Bubbles has decided to venture into the world of EDM with his debut single "Liquor & Whores." Produced by Canadian producer Marc Mysterio, "Liquor & Whores" saw immediate viral success topping Canada's Top 100 Chart on Spotify, as well as hitting #2 in Norway, and #35 in Sweden. The tongue-in-cheek track adds Bubbles personality and flair to an upbeat EDM track that fuses elements of piano house and future house in a hilarious dig at electronic producers.

RJ Maine, the Director of Global Operations for Tuuka's Tracks, an affiliate label of Sony Music Entertainment adds that "Liquor & Whores" sets a new precedent:

"This record hasn't even scratched the surface yet of where it can go. Unlike many tracks on Spotify 'Viral' Charts; Trailer Park Boys are an established brand globally thanks to their hit Netflix series and movies."

What do you think? Did Bubbles hit the big time with "Liquor & Whores"?

H/T: Antimusic