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Ibiza Could Soon Have Stricter Rules on Nightclub Noise and Capacity

Ibiza has grown in popularity since the small Balearic isle off the coast of Spain first became a counter-culture destination for hippies in the 1960s.

Today, Ibiza has become world-renowned at the number clubbing destination in the world, playing host to season long residencies of some of the world's biggest names in electronic music. However, as more and more international tourists discover the isle, the Ibiza Council is considering implementing stricter regulations to ensure the proper safety and experience for all Ibizan tourists.

According to local publication Periódico de Ibiza, the Sant Josep Town Council is scheduled to discuss two important issues this Thursday regarding the island's more than 200 venues. Among these discussions will include the possibility of enforcing more strict capacity laws that would monitor patrons with sensors to ensure that venues were not allowing in more than the pre-determined capacity. The Council will also discuss expanding article 26 of the Tourism Law which holds clubs accountable for noise violations.

As reported by Billboard, Paquita Ribas, the Deputy Mayor and Councillor of the Interior says that the playing field should be level:

“You can not discriminate, forcing some to have more control than others."

Noise violations and breaking curfew have been a continuous battle between clubs and the Ibizan local government, as popular nightclub Amnesia lost its afterhours license before the season's closing after Marco Carola's boisterous Music On parties repeatedly failed to stick to the 6am curfew. Whether the discussion of stricter noise regulations was influenced by curfew times has not been discussed, but the council meeting on Thursday is sure to bring greater clarity about the scope of the issue.

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