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EDM.com Spotlight

Nina Kraviz Launches New GALAXIID Label to Feature Psychedelic Sounds

Nina Kraviz has had a long career from her roots in Siberia to her current status as one of the premier techno DJs in the world.

As a major vinyl enthusiast, Nina Kraviz has been known to get heavily experimental in her sets, switching from regular techno beats to divulge in more psychedelic and experimental sounds. So much so, that Nina Kraviz had to defend her right to play whatever tracks she likes after receiving heavy criticism from fans who were not expecting the more spacey side of Kraviz's sets.

Now, Nina Kraviz has decided to fully indulge in more abstract sounds by launching a brand new label GALAXIID, which will be an offshoot of her well-established трип (trip) imprint. GALAXIID promises to be more than just dreamy soundscapes, and will include a strong visual element with its releases by including artwork designed by psychedelic artists. The label is also expected to publish books in addition to its label releases.

The first GALAXIID release is rumored to come from fellow Russian producers Species of Fishes and Iceland's Biogen. No release dates for the new label material have been confirmed, but 2017 is likely to be a big year of exciting new material from Nina Kraviz.

H/T: Resident Advisor