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Laneway launches hotline to combat abuse and harassment at music festivals


As the scope of sexual assault begins to seep into our consciousness, one Australian festival is trying to make music events a safe space for everyone by launching a phone hotline to curb abuse and harrassment.

This article originally appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald

Laneway Festival has launched a hotline encouraging concertgoers to report instances of abuse and harassment at the national tour.

The hotline, 1800 LANEWAY (1800 526 3929), allows attendees who've seen or experienced any disrespectful behaviour to seek help from an operator who will be on the ground at each leg of the festival.

The initiative - led by Melbourne indie rockers Camp Cope, one of the bands on the bill - comes after five women in their teens and 20s reported being sexually assaulted at the Falls Festival in Marion earlier this month.

"Regardless of anything - age, gender, sexual preference, race, anything - you deserve to feel safe and comfortable while enjoying live music," Camp Cope singer Georgia Maq said in a video accompanying the announcement.

"Music festivals and music venues are supposed to be places that people feel safe at and they feel included and they feel like they can have fun without getting touched or without getting pushed around," Sydney singer Julia Jacklin added.


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