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One of the Chainsmokers Really Wants You to Know He Had ADHD


Alex Pall, one half of The Chainsmokers, shares his history of ADHD in a bizarre article that broke social media circles via LinkedIn.

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Alex Pall, one half of chart-topping, mindless-festival-pop DJ duo the Chainsmokers, apparently told the U.K.’s Metro newspaper that he struggled with ADHD as a child.

Wtf LinkedIN blowing my shit up

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This future Music Choice Trivia answer wasn’t even news—you can’t find it on Metro’s website—but it was somehow aggregated by LinkedIn, a traffic-thirsty professional network for thirsty professionals. It’s likely that no one took even took notice, until Pall posted an Instagram of a screenshot of a LinkedIn push notification about himself:

It’s unclear whether this photo—which has now shared the news that Alex Pall “battled ADHD” with all his fans—is a screenshot of Pall’s own phone or an image sent to him by someone else who signed up for hard-hitting social media news network LinkedIn’s push notifications.


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