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Planning The Ultimate Music Festival Experience


Not sure how to prepare for your next music festival? Cultured Vulture's Samantha Donaldson walks you through the steps to plan the ultimate music festival experience.

This article originally appeared on Cultured Vultures

Music festival season is almost here and, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been painting the backs of jackets, throwing your scarves and mittens in storage, and filling your piggy bank to the brim in preparation.

Let’s face it, having an excuse to dance like an idiot to your favourite bands live and drink until two in the morning is pretty amazing no matter what the occasion is, but the wonder involved with a music festival only heightens this experience even more. Live displays have gotten crazier, the clothing has gotten cooler, and the bands continue to impress every year, so why shouldn’t you be an integral part of this musical movement?

However, it can be easy to become stressed and focus more on the planning of the event rather than the event itself, and you may find yourself feeling like you do at the end of the festival before you even get there in the process. So how do we kick that stress to the curb and, in turn, plan the ultimate music festival experience? The best way to enjoy the season without the stress associated with it is by planning ahead of time, taking into account your location, your gear, your expenses, and your means of transportation, and, most importantly, learning to have fun throughout it all.


Whether you’re heading down to Milwaukee’s Summerfest, California’s Coachella, or The United Kingdom’s Glastonbury, knowing more about your location ahead of time can help you to determine where the safest places to stay are, which spots you simply have to visit when there, and what other activities you can be a part of during the festival’s duration.

If you’re anything like me, you want to get the most out of your festival experience and, although getting blasted and throwing glowsticks at chicks that look hotter than you can be a fun way pass the time, looking at other local events, hotspots, and awesome restaurants can allow you to learn more about the culture that created such an event and get engulfed in the local fun that comes along with the festival. Then, once you’re done, glowstick-sling away and know you’re entitled to it now, because dammit, you’re an honorary local!


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