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Start DJing Now: Five Great Entry Level DJ Controllers Under $400


Ever been interested to give DJing a shot but didn't know where to start? DJ Tech Tools has your back with their list of the top five affordable controllers for first-timers.

This article originally appeared on DJ Tech Tools

Being new to the DJ/Producer world often is confusing, with all the constantly changing available technology. How many kinds of entry level DJ controllers are there? What software do you use? Just choosing the right DJ software can be difficult – let alone a controller to go along it. Want to get started or know someone who does? Here’s our list of solid beginner controllers to help you find you start your journey!


This is a very common question for us (the DJTT livechat team). Like the secret of life, there’s no right answer (aside from some who claim it’s 42). The truth is: the best DJ controller is whichever works best for you. We have 5 great beginner all-in-one DJ Controllers to recommend below.

Looking for more advanced solutions? Check out the Traktor Kontrol S8 and the Pioneer DDJ SX. Also check out the latest players from Pioneer and Denon if you feel like leaving your laptop at home.

DJTT’s Recommended Entry Level DJ Controllers

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB

Price: $247 (on DJTT’s Store)
Native support: Rekordbox DJ
Ships with: Full RekordboxDJ license and USB cable
Built-in Audio: Master RCA out, 1/8th” headphone out, 1/4″ Mic input
Mixing Section: Two channels, crossfader, dedicated EQ, filters, and gain...

... Read the full list from DJ Tech Tools at djtechtools.com/2017/01/26/five-great-entry...

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