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Now You Can Attend A Rave Planned By Artificial Intelligence


Would you want to go to a cognitive dance party? Daybreaker enlisted the help of a robot to add to the dance club experience, a breath of fresh air compared to the usual dynamic of cell phone technology detracting from the experience.

This article originally appeared on Vocativ

IBM's Watson helped throw a killer Daybreaker dance party based on everyone's distinct taste

Organizing a party takes time, patience and a lot of creativity. It’s the job for a very specific type of person, but there’s a specific robot that can try to do some of the heavy lifting — that’s supercomputer Watson.

IBM teamed up with Daybreaker, a morning dance party organization, to create what it termed a “cognitive dance party.”

“In many ways, we started Daybreaker out of frustration that no one was dancing at nightclubs anymore and connecting authentically because everyone was on their cell phones and digitally divided,” Radha Agrawal, CEO of Daybreaker, told Vocativ. “This is the first time I’ve seen technology enhance a dance party experience instead of take away from it...

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