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EDM.com Spotlight

For 1 Million Plays, Deadmau5 Will Co-Produce This New Artist's Album

Deadmau5 may be one of the internet's finest trolls, but sometimes he shows fans a soft gooey center than makes it difficult for fans not to love him.

Deadmau5 recently shared a story on reddit about a new up and coming "natural talent" named BoMason who caught Joel's attention on Twitter after BoMason shared his aspirations to move to LA to launch his career.

The young vocalist and electro-soul producer may only have 1,500 followers on Soundcloud, but his music alone was enough to convince deadmau5 that BoMason is the real deal.

Dispensing wisdom and fatherly advice, deadmau5 took to Reddit to make a wager with fans. The deal is that if fans can blow BoMason up to 1 million plays on Soundcloud, deadmau5 will fly the young artists to mau5trap studios to co-produce his album to demonstrate that talent is talent and doesn't need the palm trees of LA to make a career.

1 million plays from deadmau5

Help BoMason win the bet by giving him a spin and a follow on Soundcloud!