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Mechano-Robotic Flute Made From an Old Shotgun


Because why wouldn't you repurpose a shotgun into a musical instrument?

This article originally appeared on Hackaday

If you take an object and turn it into something else, does that constitute a hack? Can a musical robot call to question the ethics of firearms exports?

If you take a disabled shotgun and turn it into a flute, does it become an art piece? Deep questions indeed โ€” and deliberately posed by [Constantine Zlatev] along with his collaborators [Kostadin Ilov] and [Velina Ruseva].

The Last Gun โ€” a mechano-robotic flute, as [Zlatev] calls it โ€” is built from recovered industrial parts, played using compressed air, and controlled by an Arduino and Raspberry Pi. After graphing the annual arms exports from the United States, the installation plays a mournful tune for each year that they rise, and a jubilant theme for each year they fall.


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