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Ryan Callaghan

Someone Tried to Make a POV Experience Video of MDMA


MDMA has been referenced in countless electronic songs in popular culture. Why does the drug have such a profound grip on dance music? One fan tried to recreate the MDMA experience with this new video.

This article originally appeared on Stoney Roads

Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

And if you take them, you should feel bad. I would never sit here and condone such behaviour. Trust me, you're not missing much. I even sourced a video for you to completely, honestly, experience MDMA for realz.

Check out the footage uploaded to Youtube by user AVI LSD, who seems to be bringing the goods with their coverage of hot topics such as "Rant on Christmas Presents," "New Sexting App for Teens," and who could forget "SEX ON DRUGS"?


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