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Bernadette McNulty

Bonobo interview: music for the heart — and the feet


Bernadette McNulty interviews electronic musician Simon Green aka Bonobo discussing his upcoming sixth studio album and why he keeps his personality and music separate.

This article originally appeared on Financial Times

Simon Green — stage name Bonobo — in performance © Jason Kempin/Getty Images

From Kraftwerk to Daft Punk, electronic artists have often operated on a more mysterious level than their rock counterparts, happy to exist as shadowy characters behind the machines they create their music on. The British producer and DJ Simon Green has had a 15-year career as the artist Bonobo, yet you’d be unlikely to recognise him walking down the street.

“People don’t necessarily know who I am,” he tells me on the phone from his current home in LA. “Some people think Bonobo is a band. I don’t make personality-driven music. Personality stagnates, people become tired of it. When it is purely about the music, that is what gives it longevity.”

Not that the 40-year-old is a studio hermit. Working at the forefront of electronic acts blurring the distinctions between digital and live instrumentation, he has acquired a growing reputation over the course of five acclaimed albums...

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