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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out the New Single "Genesis" from Artist-to-Watch K?d

K?d (pronounced "kid") - a yet extremely talented DJ and producer - has just announced the release of his new single titled "Genesis." This song really captures the essence of his electro future bass style with its giant bassline, rolling synths, and huge snares throughout the entire beat.

Everything about "Genesis," from the unique sounds to the artwork exude a highly admirable path for this up-and-coming artist. And if you like the sound of this new song, you’ll love K?d's previous releases, as they all have the same captivating and emotive vibes.

This 19-year-old producer has already garnered attention with his breathtaking remixes of Porter Robinson’s "Sad Machine" and Daft Punk’s "Doin It Right." His music has even been featured many times in the live sets of popular DJs Louis The Child and Madeon. His success only grew with the release of his single featuring RKCB, "Discover." Released four months ago, "Discover" is already approaching 1 million views on YouTube.

K?d has been working on electronic music for around 5 years and his talents are clear through the way he can make such bold and different sounds flow together so smoothly in every single track. Yesterday on Twitter he mentioned that a website and merch are on the way for his rapidly growing fan base. It has also been announced that K?d and Rezz have a collab in the works, which will arrive in 2017.

If you're a lover of future bass and music that hits you deep in the feels, be sure to check out k?d’s music, starting with "Genesis" below.