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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Eric Prdyz Take On U2 With This "New Year's Day" Edit

Eric Prydz brought his epic 2016 to a close in high fashion at Denver's Decadence NYE festival, where he unleashed a high octane set with an unlikely but fitting edit of U2's "New Year's Day."

Some fan shot footage of Prydz's performance has surfaced on YouTube, giving us our first listen of the adventurous remix. The Swedish legend opens the edit with ambient strings and drifting ambience, letting the music linger before introducing the familiar guitar riffs and Bono's vocals from the original song.

The blend of U2 and EDM sounds like an odd pairing on paper, but Eric Prydz pulls it off like few producers can. He brings the mix to a close with an extended progressive house coda, complete with electrifying dancefloor rhythms and pulsing melodies.

Moving into the new year, the future is already looking bright for Eric Prydz. The producer and DJ recently announced a new full length Pryda album for 2017, while his EPIC 5.0 stage production is set to arrive later in the year.

Check out the "New Year's Day" edit below.