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Headphones are finally getting less dumb about music


Mashable's Pete Pachal delves into the pros and cons of the Speak Music's new voice control tech "Melody" versus Siri and Alexa.

This article originally appeared on Mashable

LAS VEGAS — The iPhone 7 has turbocharged the move to wireless headphones, but even without cords, we're still tethered to our phones in a very real way.

Think about what you need to do to change up your music. Regardless of your cable situation, you need to pull out your phone, tap on your music app, navigate to another playlist or song, hit play, then put the phone back in your pocket. Why can't you just speak what you want to play — your headphones have a mic, after all, but Siri isn't much good beyond skipping tracks and doing some basic stuff with Apple Music.

Here's where a new company called Speak Music is trying to fill in the gap. Using voice control to play music, especially when working out, would be extremely useful, and the company has done the heavy lift of figuring out how to implement voice commands for disparate services, including IHeartRadio and Spotify Premium. It calls the tech Melody, and instead of using voice just for simple things like increasing the volume or skipping tracks, a listener could say, "Switch to Workout Playlist 3, and start with track 2"...

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