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Not Liking Music Is An Actual Neurological Condition


Senior Writer for Huffington Post Carolyn Gregoire touches on a neurological condition known as musical anhedonia. A recent study shows that the condition is a potential cause for the indifference some individuals to music.

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post

It’s called “musical anhedonia.”

Many people consider music to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Others find it... meh.

An aversion to music of any kind might seem on par with disliking puppies, ice cream or sunshine, but not everyone gets a kick from jamming out to the radio. In fact, the inability to derive pleasure from music can stem from a real neurological condition known as specific musical anhedonia.

People with musical anhedonia lack the typical emotional responses that most people show when listening to Beyoncé or The Beatles (or any other music, for that matter).

New research sheds light on the causes of the condition, and suggests it is rooted in differences in how the brain’s auditory processing and reward centers are connected...

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