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Watch Seth Troxler Stand Up For Dance Music On BBC News

After being shut down last fall following the drug related deaths of two people, London's celebrated nightclub Fabric made a triumphant return over the weekend. On the eve of Fabric's reopening, Seth Troxler stopped by BBC News for a discussion of drugs in dance music culture, dropping some powerful truth along the way.

Ahead of Fabric's reinstatement, Seth Troxler appeared on BBC News to participate in a segment on drugs in dance music culture. The producer and DJ was quick to downplay the frequent association of the two, pointing out that drug use is rampant in society at large.

"Drugs are a social problem...This isn't only a club problem. If you look at pop music today, or pop culture, drugs are littered throughout the entire culture. So the idea that dance music culture is to blame for drug use is completely ridiculous."

Dance music culture is often treated as a source of drug abuse, but Troxler's insights point towards a socially encompassing issue larger than any one subculture, while accusing the powers at hand of using Fabric to further an agenda of gentrification.

"Yes there are drug deaths there, there are drug deaths everywhere. There are drug deaths on the street right now in London because of the heroin epidemic, but no one's talking about that. I think this is more a story where the council was really trying to gentrify the neighborhood, and they're using Fabric as an example for their greater will."

Seth Troxler wasn't the only DJ using his influence to stand up for dance music culture this week. What So Not posted an open letter on Thursday in opposition of Sydney's controversial lockout laws, outlining a similar struggle being felt by Australia's nightlife scene.

Check out a clip of Seth Troxler's BBC News appearance below.

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