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Flosstradamus Drop Four Track "Came Up" Remix Pack

Following the departure of member Josh Young late last year, Flosstradamus is back to drop a new remix pack for "Came Up." The song was originally released last summer and saw the former duo teaming up with vocalist and producer Post Malone, FKi 1st and graves on an uncharacteristically melodic outing.

For the new "Came Up" collection, Flosstradamus enlisted Jorgen Odegard, Rickyxsan, and Casper and B. for the remix duties, while graves and Clips X Ahoy offer up a VIP edit. The pack kicks off with Jorgen Odegard's rework, who infuses a quirky future bass vibe into his version before taking a dive into trap territory with blaring sub bass and blippy synth riffs. Rickyxsan follows suit with an upbeat rendition driven by growling bass, fluttery chords and start-stop rhythms.

The VIP edit from graves and Clips X Ahoy injects a healthy dose of trap madness into the drops with spiraling leads and hard hitting drums, while keeping the vocal sections relatively unchanged. Last up is the Casper and B. rendition, which deviates further from the source material than the previous tracks. Playing more like a straight hip hop cut, the final remix lets the vocals take the lead, backed by a fresh production complete with kinetic beats and ominous horn stabs.

While the "Came Up" remixes could use a bit more variation overall, the collection features a number of solid interpretations of the song, and fans who enjoyed the original are sure to find something to love in each of the four versions present.

Take a listen to the "Came Up" remixes below, and head here to purchase the full package.