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EDM.com Spotlight

ZEDD Livestreams in Concert at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom [REVIEW]

With the help of Twitter and T-Mobile, LIVE NATION’s concert series broadcasted a teaser of ZEDD’s North American ECHO tour all over the world.  ZEDD pulled no stops during his lives concert stream on Thursday night, bringing out old and new tunes to amp up the night at Chicago’s Aragon ballroom. 

The Aragon Ballroom housed an epic night.  Lophiile and Grey, two separate performers opened for ZEDD with a set list that slowly paced the night with increasing intensity. On Thursday night, it wasn’t just DJ’s coming together to play records to get people jumping, it was a full on concert.  Live instruments and real mixes were used as the performance went down.  There were eyegasmic visuals with lasers, smoke, and LED screens that popped out and screamed bliss.  The visuals really placed an emphasis on the musical elements of the record which helped heighten the senses as you experienced the show.  Goose bumps crawled up my arm as the crowd started to chant the melody to clarity on there own when ZEDD mysteriously left the stage.  It’s a night I know for sure ZEDD is definitely going to remember.

The show had a great mix and mashup of songs that ZEDD has done throughout his artistry.  Lights flash, screens blare, and the build up rises having the tension to a paper thin point until a massive drop lands out of Michael Jackson’s "Thriller” and makes everyone’s face melt.  The evening was filled with easter eggs and goodies throughout ZEDD’s set list like “Harlem Shake,” “Humble,” Daft Punk’s  "One More Time,” and even “The Legend of Zelda” which were all remixes of his own take.

ZEDD began his career in Kaiserslautern, Germany and is famously known for his song “Clarity” which featured Foxes, and his most recent hit “Stay” with Alessia Cara hitting #1 on the top charts in the Billboard’s Hot 100.

It was a magical evening in Chicago.  The pacing of the performance definitely wasn’t just straight through amp’d music.  It had slow parts that really had the crowd listening to the show rather than just having a huge rave without any cognitive function of what’s actually going on in the music.  Through the live stream it was an awesome night, taking the listener, the viewer and the concert goer on a musical journey in which I believe ZEDD fully fulfilled.

Images courtesy of Chris Yoder