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Synth Band S U R V I V E Reveals Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack for Upcoming Season

After winning a Creative Arts Emmy for the original Stranger Things soundtrack, S U R V I V E is back at it again with another round of score for season 2.  S U R V I V E is normally a four-man electronic synth band, but only 2 members, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, are brains behind this 34-track album.  Fans have been patiently waiting for the release of season 2 on Netflix, which was originally set to premiere on October 31st, but rumor has it that Netflix will be bumping the release date up to October 27th.

So while we count down the days till our favorite Netflix Sci-Fi gang is back in action, we can preview the episodes through the sounds of season 2.  The soundtrack will be available starting October 20th via Lakeshore Records and Invada.  Following the release will be vinyl, CD, and cassette editions for the truest of Stranger Things fans.

S U R V I V E originally made waves with the score of the popular Netflix series' main theme song. The theme song played to the strengths of the 1980's sci-fi story by evoking an eerie retro minimalism brought forth by the heavy use of analog synthesizers. Immediately catching fire with fans of the show, the theme song has helped to propel S U R V I V E's nostalgic brand of synth-wave in front of a brand new audience.

Check out the official tracklist below to get a preview of the new album releasing in just a few days!

Season 2 Tracklist
1. Walkin' In Hawkins 
2. Home 
3. Eulogy 
4. On The Bus 
5. Presumptuous 
6. Eight Fifteen 
7. The First Lie 
8. Scars 
9. I Can Save Them 
10. Descent Into The Rift 
11. Chicago 
12. Looking For A Way Out 
13. Birth / Rescue 
14. In The Woods 
15. Digging 
16. Symptoms 
17. Eggo In The Snow 
18. Soldiers 
19. Choices 
20. Never Tell 
21. She Wants Me To Find Her 
22. Shouldn't Have Lied 
23. It's A Trap 
24. Crib 
25. The Return 
26. Escape 
27. We Go Out Tonight 
28. Connect The Dots 
29. The Hub 
30. On Edge 
31. What Else Did You See? 
32. Run 
33. Levitation 
34. To Be Continued 

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