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EDM.com Spotlight

KSHMR Releases Collaboration With Sonu Nigam on "Underwater"

KSHMR is famous for his distinct sound and he lives up to that billing with his latest single with Indian superstar, Sonu Nigam

KSHMR is one of the best producers in the world and for anybody that is familiar with his work, it's easy to see why.  One thing that has always stood out about KSHMR's work is his eclectic use of instruments and melodies that are heavily influenced by Indian music.  His sound is often described as cinematic and uplifting.  Due to his stellar reputation as a producer and strong ties to his Indian heritage, I'm sure that his latest collaboration is a dream come true.  

This past week, KSHMR released his track with Indian Superstar, Sonu Nigam titled "Underwater."  In typical KSHMR fashion, "Underwater" incorporates catchy melodies combined with Nigam's soothing vocals.  The two forces combine for a beautifully crafted track that will be heard around festivals worldwide.  

Speaking of worldwide, "Underwater" could be a track that helps familiarize elements of eastern music into modern EDM production.  We've seen other producers use elements of eastern music over the years but I feel like KSHMR could be the producer that brings a new flavor into modern dance music and could very well be a pioneer of the next trend in EDM. 

For those of you that haven't heard "Underwater," you can listen below.