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EDM.com Spotlight

This Portable Spotify Device Will Save Your Phone’s Battery

In an official partnership with Spotify, a device has been launched that is about to “change the game” of music streaming. Mighty is the first Spotify dedicated audio device that doesn’t require a WiFi signal, or even a smartphone in order to play your music on the go.

With the music industry constantly evolving, one can only help but feel as if this a modern-day evolution of an iPod shuffle. Combating common problems with music streaming such as data usage and battery draining, it allows the user to simply enjoy their music without the worry of going over your data allowance. Hell yeah!

The company stated:

"Every current option for streaming Spotify music on-the-go requires a smartphone. That makes no sense to us. Smartphones are heavy, hard to carry during exercise, have a short battery life, come with expensive data plans, and have fragile and expensive screens."

With 5 hours of battery life, bluetooth connectivity, waterproof features, and voice control, it is bound to allow users to integrate music streaming into their lives with ease. After all, it’s extremely annoying trying to change Spotify playlists in the rain. 

It seems as if the future of music streaming has arrived....