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EDM.com Spotlight

The Bass Scene is Loving the Acid Music G Jones and Eprom Have Been Working On

Let’s pretend you’re riding shotgun with a new friend on the way to their first electronic music festival. Just for fun, let’s assume that your new pal has never listened to electronic music before; not even Skrillex. So you decide to expand their horizons for your friend with your aux-cord privileges. What’s the first song you should play for them?

As you swipe through your favorites playlist in search of some top shelf heat, you glimpse a name that sparks excitement: G Jones. You meant to select Helix, but you hit Station which selects his newest song, “Help! I Can't Find My Way Out." Pounding house drums give way to an arpeggiated siren synth sequence. Coupled with the desperate cries, pleading for salvation by the chorus of damned, you realize the track you’ve selected is way too hardcore for your friend’s virgin EDM ears.

Like modular masochism, the individual layers of a traditional techno beat reassemble themselves and crescendo upward as a ghostly woman begs for an escape, screaming monotonously, "Help! I Can't Find My Way Out! "Reverberations of these ghoulish souls echo through the dungeon-like prison chamber that isolates them from their freedom. Machine gun snares rattle away like a drummer marching for combat, building the track into a frenzy. Sustaining the initial synth loop through the drop, 808s rumble below, flex their amplitudes.

“Is this Dubstep?” asks your friend, changing lanes. Forgive your silly amigo for their ignorance, as they’ve yet to be exposed to likes of Greg Jones, who’s newest single is catalogued as #Acid on his Soundcloud. Scrolling down, you see his recent collaboration with Eprom, “Hysteria," is also labeled #Acid. Previously, G Jones identified with the bass music movement, listing Bassnectar as one of his inspirations in a previous Reddit AMAJones has taken the signature sounds of traditional Acid music and created trap bangers that push the limits of on your friend’s car speakers. “This is some brutal music,” your newly enlightened friend says as they merge onto the highway. “Sounds like raw computer music.”

The roots of EDM extend back almost a century, but society first began to embrace synth music in the 1980’s. Few are aware of the infectious influence hat Acid had on early electronic music. Developed for quasi-legal raves held in Chicago’s warehouse districts, Acid House was edgy electronic music for rebellious teens. Dj’s would program mind bending synth loops on their Roland TB-303 synthesizers to simulate the hypnotic elements of LSD trips. It was the height of the war on drugs, and ecstasy became a staple diet of dance music.

G Jones has taken the sounds of a genre dedicated to pushing the limits of audio art and appropriated it into contemporary trap and bass music. “Help! I Can’t Find My Way Out” is an homage to the foundation of modern electronic music, “Hysteria” a plaudit for the artists that paved the way for artists like Eprom to create digital anarchy in the name of aesthetic.

“I’ve never heard anything like this before,” says your friend with excitement. “Who made this music?” Reading from your phone display you say, “G Jones and Eprom. The song is called ‘Hysteria.’ G Jones just announced that he and Eprom will release a collaborative acid bass EP called Acid Disk on October 27th, and they’re in the midst of a back to back tour throughout the rest of 2017. They’ll be in town in November if you want to go.” Your buddy nods in approval, “We should definitely go!” Clearly we underestimated how cool your new friend was.

As “Hysteria” draws to a finale, bitcrushed artifacts crumbling into dust, you see the festival lights flashing through the tree line. Though you’re still a few miles away you hear the subs thumping in the distance. Your friend takes the exit ramp and heads toward the chaos, eager to taste electronic freedom for the first time.