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EDM.com Spotlight

Lookas Makes His Monstercat Debut With "Eclipse" [LISTEN]

The well known producer has taken his talents to Monstercat to release his newest single! 

No label does a better job at releasing music from a variety of producers better than Monstercat. The Canadian label prides themselves on releasing music from new comers all the way to industry heavyweights.  With an average of three releases a week, Monstercat remains a constant source of quality music for their fans all over the globe. They recently added Miami-based producer Lookas to the roster with his latest track, "Eclipse."  

Fans familiar with Lookas know what the producer brings to the table and with "Eclipse," he did not disappoint. Between the various vocal samples and percussive patterns, "Eclipse" is a great display of Lookas' unique style and flavor that he brings to Trap music.  Lookas is a great addition to the Monstercat roster and I'm sure this won't be the last time we see him release music on the label.  

If you haven't listened to "Eclipse," you can listen with the Soundcloud link below.