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Illenium Joins Beats 1’s One Mix For A Conversation & A Special Mix [INTERVIEW]

is arguably one of dance music’s hottest acts right now.

Nick Miller, a Colorado native, has risen to fame with determination, consistency and zealous effort. While his riveting remix for The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down” is what sent him spiralling into the limelight, the melodic bass star had been putting out enthralling music long before that.

Initially producing with an intoxicating future bass sound, while performing standard DJ sets, Illenium has grown to foster a style that is unique, exhilarating and constantly evolving. With strong melodies, bursting emotions and instrumentation emerging to the forefront of his sound, and ever more live instruments finding their way to his performances, there’s a certain flair about him that is simply infectious.

His debut album Ashes, released in 2016, was a massive success and a truly captivating collection of tracks. However, Awake, his sophomore album released just last month, is the epitome of his skill and evolution as an artist. Executed beautifully, Awake has a well-grounded theme and strong sense of narrative. It’s an emotional journey, a personal struggle, beginning with loss and resolving in hope. At a time when electronic music albums can tend to fall short of a real sense of depth, Awake hits the mark just right.

Beyond his albums, he’s put out countless remixes, singles and mixes, that have contributed to his meteoric rise in the dance music world, as well as to his loyal ever-growing fan base, the Illenials.

More than anything, his music radiates raw emotion. It has this natural ability to suck the listener in, drawing inner feelings to surface and pulling at one’s heartstrings.

It’s not even just the music, but his approach to creating it that makes Illenium stand out. He approaches his craft with pure intentions, looking to write music that truly engages and resonates with him, beyond anything else. That genuine charisma translates beautifully onto his production, and may explain why his music is so absorbing.

This weekend, he’s bringing his talents to Apple Music’s Beats 1, with a debut mix on their One Mix series. You’ll get to hear some of his biggest tracks, both energetic and relaxed, with sprinkles of tunes from his favourite artists like Odesza, Seven Lions and Ember Island.

Air Dates: 

Friday 27th October 2017 - 16:00 LA / 19:00 NY / 00:00 UK
Saturday 28th October  2017 - 04:00 LA / 07:00 NY / 12:00 UK


Before taking the decks, Illenium took some time out to answer a few questions and share his thoughts on some interesting and insightful topics! Read on to see his inspirations, dream artists, favourite festival and more.

Tell us about..

Your first experience playing a show?
I was playing a four hour set at this bar and there was a UFC fight going and no one was listening to music, it was pretty terrible. But it was good, you know. Gotta learn, you gotta do it.

The first time you brought your mom to one of your shows?
It was probably - can’t even remember, she’s been to so many, they’re huge supporters. I opened Red Rocks in 2015 for Global Dance Festival. It was a good one.

The artist who inspired you to become a musician?
It was multiple. Bassnectar’s up there for sure. I would say, I really love- I listened to a lot of country when I was growing up. My parents are all country music. There’s a ton of inspirations but to start producing, Bassnectar’s probably the biggest influence.

Your go-to place for new music?
I used to use Soundcloud so much, you know honestly it’s my friends that give me most of my new music. They’re the best sources and they get it from all over the place.

Your guilty pleasure record?
Probably some Boys Like Girls or some Taylor Swift, hell yeah.

If you were to bring one record to a deserted island?
It’d probably be Bon Iver, For Emma.

Your dream B2B partner?
Would probably be Odesza, Porter, or Flume.

Your favorite BPM?
Totally changes. Anywhere from you know like, 70 to 90 really is my favorite.

The one piece of gear you always need on the road?
My laptop 100%. Or I have 3 right now, all of - they are all back ups for each other so.

Your all time favorite festival?
Electric Forest for sure.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about dance music?
I’d probably say is people that don’t- aren’t familiar with it don’t realize the amount of music skill, or the amount of effort that goes into creating a track. They just think ‘It’s techno’ and you know, you pour your heart into the track so I definitely think that’s a bummer. But it’s getting better for sure.

How often do you get out and have fun, where do you go?
I would, you know my favorite thing to do is make music and other than that, I really like relaxing, going on hikes. I like Hawaii a ton. I’ve gone there a few times this year. So I definitely get out.

Which city has the most underrated dance scene?
Underrated? I’d probably say Minneapolis.

Your industry prediction for next year?
I think everything is moving towards a more organic approach. I think there’s only so many things you could do with a synthesizer until it’s all been done. And it comes back to really organic instruments, like strings and horns and guitars. So I love that sound too, I hope that’s where we’re headed.

Your best piece of advice for new producers?
Definitely don’t expect to have a huge social life. Do it for the right reasons and you know, just keep working, you’re gonna make a lot of horrible music before you make anything good, as all of us have done so. Just keep doing it.

Dead or alive, your dream collaborator?
Aw man. I’d probably say I’d love to write a song with Bon Iver.

What is one of the most unique experiences you’ve had backstage?
I’d probably say, I mean there’s a lot of crazy stuff that goes down. But one of the most fun times I’ve had backstage was when I was a - it was a pendulum DJ set, me and some homies were just like - I don’t know, I haven’t gone off to some good drumming bass in a while, so at Electric Forest we were just like, in our zone and we went pretty crazy. People get out there, it’s a comfortable place so. It’s good.

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