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Spotify Annouces New Feature RISE to Help Highlight Emerging Artists

Spotify's new feature is aimed to help emerging artists everywhere! 

Despite their strong presence in the world of music streaming, Spotify is always looking for new ways to interact with their listeners all over the world.  Although they have a platform that is user friendly for artists and fans alike, they are introducing a new program that is aimed to help emerging artists everywhere.  The program is called RISE and its goal, according to Spotify, is to “identify and break the next wave of music superstars”.  

The project was launched on October 20th and it's planning showcasing 16 different acts each year with a variety of different playlists. On top of being featured on scheduled playlists, each artist selected for the RISE program will have a video created detailing their rise to fame and will have their own event that they will perform at.  

At this time, artists in the US, UK and Canada are eligible for RISE program.  Time will tell if this becomes a global program but make no mistake, Spotify is aspiring for something that they hope will go far beyond the reaches of North America and the UK.  

As for producers and DJ's in the selected countries, this could be another venue to help boost your career. While the RISE program accepts artists from all different kinds of music, I'm sure that we'll see some EDM acts make it into the program sooner than later. 

What do you guys think? Is this a good program for the streaming service to undertake or will this be a project that is destined for failure? 

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