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EDM.com Spotlight

Fabric Donates £68,000 in Leftover #SaveFabric Funds to Charity

It looks like the journey for the legendary nightclub isn’t over quite yet.

Fabric, a nightclub in London, was shut down by authorities in 2016 due to two drug related deaths to much public uproar. However, a campaign was launched shortly after its foreclosure to save the club. Despite temporary closure, fabric was able to raise enough money for legal fees, and reopen in January of 2017 under specific conditions, including new security policies.

After its reopening, Fabric was left with a copious amount of money at its disposal. Now, they’re putting it to good use. For starters, a donor board was installed in the club, listing the names of those who contributed to the cause. Check it out:

Not only will they honor those who helped with the reopening of one of the most legendary clubs of all time, they’ll also be donating what's left of the funds to charity. The Loop, NTIA, Music Venue Trust, and Centrepoint will all receive roughly £13,500, while Midi Music Company, Make-a-Wish UK, Nordoff Robbins, and YUAF will get approximately £3,300 each.