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EDM.com Spotlight

Kayzo & SLANDER Bless us Once Again with “Holy” [LISTEN]

SLANDER and Kayzo are at it again finally completing their long awaited EP. Entitled Dilapidation Celebration, the EP includes their first collab, “Without You,” and their new tune, “Holy,”

Both SLANDER and Kayzo have busy 2017. Not only have both of them played some of the largest festivals in the circuit this year, they’ve also been dropping a plethora of original tunes. SLANDER has been absolutely slaying the game, releasing bangers like “We Out” and “Drop It.” They’ve also been able to keep us in our feels with “Superhuman” and “One Life.”

Kayzo has been equally impressive. Taking the spotlight with his Dog House Takeovers, he’s also made a huge impact in the bass community with his singles “Wake Up,” “Whistle Wars,” and “This Time.” No matter what festival you’re at, you’re bound to hear one of his tunes smash a crowd at the bass stage.

SLANDER and Kayzo team up with former collaborator Micah Martin on this tune, giving it the nostalgic punk rock feel we’ve yearned for since “Feel the Power” first dropped in July of this year. The punishing bass from this track is anything but holy, battering us with an unrelenting hardstyle drop that will make you lose your mind. The build up truly fills you with anticipation, and the drop will surely get you going after the two minute and thirteen second build-up. 


These guys are unstoppable, and will knockdown anyone who gets in their way. Follow SLANDER on SoundCloud here, and Kayzo here.