EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Prepare Yourself for RL Grime’s Second NovaZine

Remember RL Grime’s first NovaZine? The purest look into the mind of the legend himself?

Well, it’s second installment is on it’s way for you hardcore fans. You’ll be able to order it here and it’s chock full of Henry Steinway’s creative genius. Within its contents, he discuss the production of his Nova Tour and includes a sneak peek of his fall/winter clothing line.

Is that not enough to get you excited about the latest issue? He also discusses a new single that he’ll be dropping  within the next few weeks. Surely, if it’s anything like “Stay for It” it’s worth the anticipation. RL Grime has also announced his annual Halloween mix is in the works.

Yeah, get hyped.

As we mentioned before, he’ll be hitting the road here in the next few days. Feel free to pick up tickets to the Nova Tour here