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EDM.com Spotlight

Soundcloud's New Playlist Stats Feature is Connecting Creators and Curators

While the platform is still working its way through a major transition, Soundcloud has introduced a new feature to help connect creators with curators on the site.  In an effort to help keep content creators on the platform, Soundcloud has added a new feature that can help content creators grow their audience with the help of analytics from curator playlists. 

In Soundcloud’s blog post about the topic, they go into great detail as to what this new feature can do for content creators.

The new playlist stat, available on the web and on SoundCloud Pulse, SoundCloud’s creator-focused companion app, shows creators who’s sharing their tracks in a playlist, and how many plays are being generated from the playlist. This means that the 1.2 million creators featured in playlists on SoundCloud, daily, can gain insight on, connect and engage more easily with the incredible curator community on the platform. 
Check out what the new stats module, which includes both a ranked list of playlists a track is featured on and the total number of plays, looks like on the web below. The module is also available on SoundCloud Pulse, available for free on iOS and Android.

On top of the new feature, Soundcloud has refreshed the interface for their stats page and the site believes that it will be a more intuitive way to look up artist stats.  With this latest update, it’s clear that Soundcloud is intent on keeping their supporters in mind and are doing everything in power to keep the platform an intuitive and helpful experience for artists and fans, alike.   

Artists, do you think this new feature will help your profile on Soundcloud?