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EDM.com Spotlight

Home Max and Home Mini are Google's attempt into the home audio realm

With home automation and artificial intelligence becoming a fast-arising trend, Google has introduced Home Max and Home Mini.  

The two speakers will be competitors for Sonos and Apple's HomePod. The speaker will consist of two 4.5-inch woofers and will include Google Assistant. The far-field microphones that are included within the devices will have the ability to hear a voice command over loud music. 

The Verge states that Home speakers will have a machine learning feature that will give it the ability to adjust the volume based on the type of media it is playing. For example, the speaker will adapt to songs, podcasts, and phone calls, allowing music to be quieter than a phone call or vice-versa. This amplification will also be dependent on the ambient noise level in the room. 

The Google Home Max speaker will be able to be manually controlled, through Bluetooth, or Google Cast. Furthermore, Home Max will come with a 12-month, ad-free subscription to YouTube Music and will retail at $399. Home Mini will retail at $49.

H/T: Factmag