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EDM.com Spotlight

Prok | Fitch Redefine What Proper Tech-House Sounds Like With 'ANGIE'

UK based duo Prok | Fitch have become a well known name in the world of tech house with good reason. The enchanting sound of their new release, 'Angie' is no disappointment. The rolling bassline pushes the listener into a state of trance, proving that the track that will slam dance floors all across the globe. ‘Angie’ is a unique and refreshing example of what quality tech house should sound like. The track now calls Solardo's label Sola imprint home.

Talking about the new release, Prok | Fitch talk about how the release came to fruition:

"The Solardo boys had been asking us for a record so we went back and forth on Angie (we realize this can be taken grossly out of context haha) over the past year constantly improving the record, we felt we could squeeze some magic out of it. We finally nailed it a few weeks ago and tested it at CRSSD festival in the states and the reaction was huge! We found when you're looking for 'that moment' it definitely does the trick now, can't wait to play it out this weekend!" 

Check out the tour dates for the Insights World Tour below!