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EDM.com Spotlight

Phonon Puts a New Spin on an Old Classic With Latest Set of Headphones

Phonon is looking to change the game with their new set of headphones! 

As DJ's, we're picky when it comes to our gear. Whether it's a particular controller, software or piece of equipment, we want the stuff that best fit our needs. None of those pieces of equipment may be more important than a good set of headphones. To be specific, nothing can be more important to a gigging DJ than a good set of DJ headphones.  While most DJ's are used to leaving one ear open during their performance, one company created a line of headphones that could satisfy DJ's everywhere. 

Japanese company, Phonon, created a new line of headphones called the 02 Stick.  The headphones are modeled after a classic style of headphones that are often referred to as "lollipop headphones".  These headphones have a single ear cup and are designed to have both left and right channels running mono into the ear cup.  The concept of using "lollipop headphones" are not new, but with so many current DJ's using a full pair of headphones for their shows, it'll be interesting to see if Phonon starts a trend and brings people back to using single cup headphones for performances.  

You might ask, "what's the benefit of using single ear headphones?" Well, one advantage that could be how a DJ reads the room and gets an accurate feel for the volume around the venue.  Sometimes, DJ's rely on using the signal they get through the mixer to know how they're being projected out into the venue.  With a single cup headphone, one ear will be open to other levels in the venue at all times.  It may not seem like a big deal, but for those of us who have been gigging DJ's, understanding the signal you get from the mixer compared to the signal being sent to the rest of the venue could be the difference between a great gig and a complete disaster.  

For those of you interesting in picking up the 02 Stick, they are available on Phonon's website for $289.  

H/T: Resident Advisor