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EDM.com Spotlight

A Fashion Salute to Artists with Enviable Streetwear

Music and fashion go together like peanut butter and jelly. They compliment each other in a way one can never overlook. Some of our favorite artists push the boundaries of style -creating an unmatchable uniqueness that speaks volumes. Just like music, fashion unveils ones identity and becomes another form of beautiful artistry. Here is a fashion salute to some of our favorite artists who exude impeccable style.  


Swag is an understatement. DJ/Producer KITTENS is the trendsetter of them all. She embodies LA cool and glam, making us all reevaluate our closet.;

No is a complete sentence

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Anna Lunoe

The coolest baby mamma that ever was. If being a mother wasn't beautiful enough, Anna Lunoe brings the modern mother to the forefront. With her newborn Willa, the dynamic duo dress with class and grace. Her style exudes art on another level and we're melting!  

ok kid, ur 3wks old now no more freeloading.. time to get to work 4 the family biz @itshyperhouse πŸ™‚

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Caleb Calloway

The Puerto-Rican DJ has been making waves in the last few years as a part of Loco Dice and Guti's Desolat crew. Aside from making tech-house interesting again, Caleb has a seriously strong streetwear look.

Surprise sunset rooftop set B2B with @alan.nieves at @outputclub rooftop free entry come by set time 6:30-8pm. #brooklyn

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Alison Wonderland 

This legend as cultivated an identity that makes her music speak louder than ever. With with oversized t-shirts, platform sneakers, and tousled hair, Alison Wonderland creates a message of free spirit and power. We understand and appreciate you. 

Me doing an interpretive dance on how I feel starting my tour tomorrow @donslens

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Damian Lazarus

When it comes to taking the Playa out into the streets, there's few that can do it as convincingly as Damian Lazarus. With a style that can only be described as somewhere between DJ and desert prophet, Damian always has his eye out for fresh threads from up and coming designers.

Decked out in amazing necklaces and rings from @liase_jewellery Check out this beautiful, mystical collection at liase.it

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Grunge meets glitter meets cool. Mija has an unmatchable identity - making her and her music loud and clear. Her casual yet cool street wear mirrors her musical message to let go. She looses herself on stage and her style embodies that. She even has her own clothing line, Made by Mija. 

NOLA tn!! @republicnola w/ my dawg @bukudatdude πŸ€—πŸ€— i'm on @ 1AM

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Julia Govor

Julia Govor packs a lot of personality in such a tiny package. When the rest of the techno scene zigs, Julia zags with pops of color in what otherwise would be a sea of darkly-clad DJs. But fashion isn't what defines Julia, her "hair tight" brand of intelligent techno has made her one of the most buzzworthy DJs in 2017.

#hairtight πŸ“Έ @kamran_sadeghi_official

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The Martinez Brothers

You couldn't really talk fashion in dance music without mentioning Chris and Steve Martinez. These boys from the Bronx may not have always had the best style in their teenage years, but now 10 years into their career and these one-time Givenchy models recently nailed down a high-profile fragrance campaign for Carolina Herrera.

Carolina Herrera ❀️

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Cover photo courtesy of Lauren Engel