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EDM.com Spotlight

How to Start a Side Hustle So You Can Make Money Doing What You Love

Making money in the music industry is not easy. It takes talent, dedication, and a lot of patience. With the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk inspiring a generation to follow their passion, I thought that it would be extremely beneficial to talk about how people are using the internet to generate a full-time income. 

The last few years have certainly seen a rise of music producers amongst the EDM community. With more people getting inspired by technology, many people are turning towards the internet for creative ways to make a living - whilst still being able to dedicate a reasonable amount of time towards their production career.  Sure, you could get a job in 7Eleven. And if that makes you happy, then that's wonderful. But this article is dedicated to the entrepreneurs wanting to focus their time on being happy, whilst making music. 

Meet Gary Vee:

He's somebody who has helped me pursue my ambition.  After watching one of his videos about "suffocating excuses", I felt compelled to do something about my life. In about 20 minutes, I convinced myself that moving to Australia would be a great idea. After all, I wanted to put myself in a foreign environment in which I would have to work hard in order to simply survive. 3 months later, I'm an artist manager with over 120 million views on my artists, running a page with 490,000 Facebook followers, and many other things. And yes, I am solely living off the money that I gain from music.

But how can you generate an income from your music career? One extremely viable option is flipping items on Ebay & Amazon in order to generate a profit. This can then be invested into your music career on branding, promotion etc. 

Reezy Resells is an entrepreneur that sells books, and other items, on Amazon in order to gain a profit. After learning online arbitrage for 13 years, he is generating several thousand dollars per week in revenue simply pursuing his passion. After being featured in multiple pieces of content by Gary Vaynerchuk, be began receiving messages of how he inspired people to start flipping on Ebay and quit their jobs. In a blog article, he says:

Well, guess what? They were wrong. I’m changing the world, one person at a time, and I’m having fun doing so. I’ve probably singe-handedly liberated over 1,000 people from their 9–5 and opened their eyes to the multitude of options available to us all. Because If I can do it, so can you!

As a result of following his passion, Reezy has done keynotes in Rhode Island, Philadelphia, London, and New York City. 

Right now, let's get into some real practical advice of what to do in order to generate money to invest into your music career, and generate a full-time income. Like myself, Reezy, and Gary believe, pretty much anybody can do this. It's just a case of if you're willing to put in the research & work 

1. Download the eBay app onto your phone. 

2. Head to a local thrift store and scan items to see their resale value. You can do this by heading to "completed" and "sold" items.

3. Look at the price of the item in the thrift store. If you're able to generate a profit, purchase it. 

4. List the items on eBay/Amazon, and ensure that you have any required shipping materials.

5. Patience, and the money will come.

Of course, if you go full-time into eBay flipping to use as your income stream, there are barcode scanners that will make the entire process more efficient. When the money comes in, keep a percentage for yourself to cover living expenses, and reinvest a % into both more stock and your music career. 

In my opinion, success is never an instantaneous moment. Instead, it’s a series of failiures. It’s knowing what you’re doing wrong, and adapting your strategy to avoid those mistakes in the future. It’s recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Because if you are able to understand & overcome your flaws, you can accomplish absolutely anything that you set your mind to.

So stop making excuses, stop procrastinating, and stop doing things that will get you nowhere in life. Map out your dream and go achieve it. Period.