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EDM.com Spotlight

DEADBEATS Drops Second Compilation, Mad Decent Christmas Has Arrived & More Releases

Welcome to the second installment of Word of Mouth, where we bring you the latest and greatest from the EDM community. This past week has been massive for releases, and your ears truly aren’t prepared for what’s to come.

Dead Compilation 2

As you may already know, Zeds Dead has been unstoppable since the release of their debut album, Northern Lights, in 2016. Within its contents were collabs with Diplo, Rivers Cuomo, NGHTMRE, and GG Magree. Afterward, they went on to start their label DEADBEATS and released their first compilation in February. This time around, they’ve enlisted the help of YOOKiE, Rickyxsan, KLAXX, and plenty of others that certainly won’t disappoint.

A Very Decent Christmas 5

You can never start getting ready for Christmas too early. The Thanksgiving festivities have just ended, and Mad Decent has already pumped out their latest Christmas installment. This year it includes tracks from Mad Decent superstars like Party Favor, LIZ and Hoodboi, and Major Laze

Dream and Disaster feat. Micah Martin - Spag Heddy

If Spag Heddy doesn’t slow down with the heat, we’re going to be permanently stuck in neck braces. The man has been murdering the game lately, dropping impressive originals on Never Say Die Records and remixing some of the most talented out there, such as SLANDER. This week, he’s come to us with a tune featuring Kayzo’s frequent collaborator, Micah Martin. His single didn’t drop alone, however. Alongside the track, Spag Heddy has released an official remix by up-and-comer TYNAN (who you shouldn’t still be sleeping on).

Fourth Kind - Brillz and Hydraulix

Brillz set out to impress in 2017, and that he did. His TWONK label found massive success, releasing tracks by crazy talented producers such as Eliminate and JVST SAY YES. He’s also dropped an abundance of collaborations, stunning everyone with his unique and exciting tune “ALIENS”. Now, he’s teamed up with Australian producer Hydraulix for another exciting tune, “Fourth Kind”. I hope you’re ready to get abducted again.

Truth - TroyBoi and Ekali

TroyBoi’s monster year can only get better from here. His album, Left is Right, was everything we could have asked for, featuring new and old tunes that embody everything your boy Troy is about. Ekali has been just as successful, releasing a slew of singles that have only furthered the hype for his next project. Their long awaited collaboration, “Truth”, blends their sounds perfectly.

THE DROP- Gammer

The king of happy hardcore has a new track for us, and it’s a doozy. In the past, Gammer has impressed us with stellar collabs, such has is tune “Frequency” that he made with Kayzo. His originals always kill as well, like his track “RED DRINK FOAM PARTY”. All summer long “THE DROP” rounded the festival circuit, causing everyone in earshot to lose their minds. Now, with a release on Monstercat, we can all go bonkers whenever we want instead of digging through a set to find it.

Stay With Me - Pryda

Eric Prydz might be one of the most impressive dance music artists of all time. In 2015, he blew us away with his single “Opus”. Since, he’s put out a plethora of new tunes, each of which just as impressive as the last. He also embarked on his EPIC 3.0 tour in early 2017, blowing the minds of the crowds that were blessed enough to see the holograms he brought along with him. Under his other alias Pryda, he’s also been putting in work. His latest track, “Stay With Me”, will show you just that.

Anarchy - Party Thieves

Trap lord Party Thieves has been around the block a few times, and knows exactly what his audience craves: trap, trap, and more trap. His recent works, like his flip of Skrillex and Ronny J’s remix of “Babylon” as well as his remix of Zomboy’s “Young and Dangerous”, have been exactly that. In the wake of an announcement of his upcoming EP, he’s revived a tune that was originally a collaboration with Flosstradamus.